Virtual office

The IT solutions impacts on the business administration concepts, mostly affect the traditional work time and place: from this reason, one of the most popular business place solution is partial business delocalization, known as work ”from house” concept that allows flexible work hours and more self-discipline. On the other hand, In order to generate the result, managers still need the direct contact with the personnel. The direct contact is occasional but it is still a core business need. Renting and maintaining a typical, physical office space can be expensive, difficult to manage, and even impractical. Instead of it, we offer the virtual office solutions, a cost-effective and time-consuming way to keep the close connection with your clients and employees.

The work from the virtual office is one of the up-to-rise work styles from the one simple reason: flexibility.

Our virtual office can be designed to meet clients requirements, equipped with the desired equipment, for the various occasions, as a meeting room, group work room or a cabinet room.

Another concept of a virtual office is reflected in the idea of the non-physical office, where the client meets its client in a cyber world, with the organizational help provided by the virtual assistant. The video conference solutions and call services can be included in the non-physical virtual office services.

The virtual office is a good solution in terms of cost-consuming for the business that is at the beginning. On the other side, even if you see the virtual office's drawbacks еcompared to the traditional office you need to be open-mind for the future IT solutions for the sake of the future business trends.