Thakur International & Investment (P.) Ltd. Nepal

Thakur International and Investment Ltd. is a company placed and established in Nepal, in 2013. In the business world the company is recognised as an idea with high potential and since the foundation, it showed a tendency to grow. The company can be defined as is a business with international focus, a bridge between continents with the fast growing scope of the clientele circle, and a well-known service provider in the fields of Business Processes Outsourcing, Virtual Personnel Solutions, and Call Center Service. The common point of this services is that our clients are companies with the company-shrinking idea, where our they recognised us as a one-stop trip in their staff expenses reduction plans.

Another domain of our company is the Web Design Service, where our clients see the importance of the image created through the Internet and seeks for the constant improvement of their cyber identity, the website. Our clients are aware of the fact that if they do not exist in the cyber, they do not exist in the business world either.

  • Business Processes Outsourcing: BPO service package includes customer care services, data entry service, finance and accounting service, market research solutions and services, as well as HR solutions- The goal of this service family is to the decrease the client’s efforts invested in business running and transfer the focus from company’s internal management to the outside marketplace.
  • Virtual Employee: The service follows the newly created need of the companies for the short-term employees only when they are needed. This is also a good solution for the space shortage situations, where our virtual assistants work entirely as a no-located employee.
  • Call Center: Nowadays, The CC service is one the most outsourced solution, because of the less popular person-to-person interactions. The service gathers multilingual individuals trained to manage a large volume of the telephone requests, known as the inbound calls management. On the other hand, the outbound call management where agents can call customers for a variety reasons, from providing proactive support to inquiring about renewals.
  • Web Design: We have R&D teams that works constantly on the website service improvement, were we offer Domain Registration, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile application development and Multimedia Design services.

In the lines on non-governmental organizations, we have been recognized as a company that invests a lot of its assets in the sustainable solutions, as a preserver of the natural wealth. Thakur International fights on many battlefield with the subjects that are dangerous and unaware of their negative impacts on the environment and Earth. This makes us surrounded with the positive vibes in the business circles and opens our road to the internationalization.

Thakur International implemented, participated or helped in many projects, where some of them are realised as our services,while some resulted in a trusted partnership relationship. Thakur International provides services in the following field:

  • GIS Services
  • WebGis
  • Gis Training
  • GIS Application Development
  • Survey
  • Indoor Mapping
  • Survey Internship and Training
  • Survey Apps Development
  • Remote Sensing
  • LiDAR Data Processing Services
  • Photogrammetry
  • Publication