UIZ Group provides comprehensive operational support and a range of expert services to the world’s companies which are up to rise. UIZ Group provides innovative ideas to its clients. We have prepared brief introduction for You, to close up the general idea of the UIZ group.

The concept of our work is based on continuous innovations and implementation of innovative ideas. UIZ innovations are dominant in certain areas, while we are still in researching phase in some of the sectors:

  1. Environmental Monitoring and Data Visualization
  2. Software Development
  3. Call Center
  4. Web Solutions
Name of the project: EMAIV
Sector: Environmental Monitoring, Data Visualization
Client: HVD, Humanist Association of Germany-Berlin


In the cross-sector of the environmental monitoring and the data visualization we have succesed to manage all the barriers in the idea implementation and lunched the software named EMAIV, developed for the needs of The Humanist Association of Germany, as a response to their environmental concerns.

The framework of the EMAIV can be divided into three categories:
  1. Monitoring system: it aims to monitor disaster sites and get state information of environment
  2. Database: manage in-suit and real time monitoring data, field investigating data, real time user input data and base data
  3. Analyzing and warning system: analyze monitoring data, understand the deformation trend of the potential disaster, and release disaster warning information

The EMAIV is web based software that has following advantages:

  • Sensitive and reliable for analytical data
  • Low maintenance cost
  • The application has no licensing fee
  • Stable with few calibration checks
  • Real time sensor
  • Data visualization
  • Web based analytical platform with interactive visualization
  • Less analytical re-calibration frequency

The trends that we are implementing in our application and software development processes are trends that are changing the world environmental situation and raise the awareness of global warming problems.

Name of the project: LUPWY- Land Use Planner
Sector: Software Development
Client: HEMS, Nepal


Software development Team in the tight cooperation with the land planner experts has started the research on the sustainable land use of watershed. The aim of the research was to create a software, which could be useful for estimation of the catchment’s nature conditions and assessment of changes on the basis of which the prediction of possible consequences can be made. Software has named the LUPWY, The Land Use Planner.


In the given work, the influencing factors have been considered: precipitation and temperature analysis and land cover change over the last 30 years. With the help of the developed model based on the provided data, the representation of changes in climate, land cover and water dynamics were calculated. As a result, the software establishes the characteristics of the catchment area and makes it possible to see the changing pattern of the selected factors. As on outcome, software provides precise calculation of surface runoffs, interception losses, and transpirations. For successful applying in a new area the model has to be localized and adopted.

Importance :

Land-use planning seeks to order and regulate land use in an efficient and ethical way. New trends require the IT implementation because of the limited abilities of the completely human intelligence based planning. Time become expansive asset for the human kind, and from this reason technology implementation can speed up every planning relevant action.

Name of the project: Call Center


Call Center Service is one of the most outsourced service in the developed countries, were labor costs are high. In order to train stuff for quality call center service, companies are forced to spend too much time and money. To avoid extra expenses, low-cost call center outsourcing solutions on a 24/7 schedule are available in our call center service package. With skilled multilingual call center agents we are making company’s acceleration of their global expansion facilitated and modernized.


In our call center service package we offer services for both, inbound and outbound calls: for every sector, multilingual, on a 24/7 schedule, music on hold, queue management, call waiting, call forwarding, click to call, customizable outbound caller, automated tasks, call recording and monitoring, real time & historical reporting and many other options.

Innovative idea of our call center is Interactive Voice Response service, IVR, an automatic responder for your inbound calls, which collects and stores the call data.

Importance :

Data storage is used for future analysis in order to generate reports for company’s insights and key customer service insights. Taking a real-time feedback from one of the customers is a one of the major specialty of our agents. The data is analyzed and structured into powerful and comprehensive insights that provide companies with the conviction to optimize their customers experience. Finally, it makes powerful insights about changes that need to be made.

Name of the project: Web Design projects

One of the fields in which we are UIZ is an expert is Web Design. Our research team is continuously struggling to improve web solutions that we are providing to our clients. Web developers and multimedia and design experts can be organized together to provide the best web solutions as a completed structure. UIZ web team understands that a website need to be effective, both by features as well as visually, to be effective. They are trained to be innovative new features as well as designs for your organizations websites.

Our creative team is in regular touch with our clients to understand their needs and requirements, to create a perfect blend of appearances and functionalities. UIZ research team keeps our services updated to the highest quality of the industry standards. The improvement of the Web site features is our core idea, where we work on providing quality web site appearance and web content, we improve website usability, functionality, responsive websites, and we offer SEO services (Search Engine Optimization).