Business Excellence Model

From year to year, we are striving to develop our own business excellence model, by drinking the motivation from the models already existing in the business world.

We were tending to create single, universal model for all our child-companies, articulate it with our general business excellence model. Agility is our main concept of acting. In the rapidly changeable condition in macro-environment, we need to be ready even for the complete refactoring, not just for the restructuring.

There are two hands of our model, left and right hand

  • Intellectual assets
  • Services
  • Expertise
  • Partners
  • Leadership


  • New knowledge derived from the knowledge sharing principles
  • Satisfied clients
  • Innovative ideas
  • Trust
  • Guidance

Agility, as the main concept, light-motive in our business excellence model is well implemented on both sides: Very flexible company structure allowed us to shrink and expand in size when the global conditions are discouraging or to expand if the situation is marked as positive. When the conditions are not promising, we decrease our intellectual inputs, our relations with partners are hibernated and we continue our work with the least possible activity. Once when we recognize the good moment, company's spring is announced. The real knowledge and beauty are placed in the right moment recognition.